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Phone Service

Voice-over-IP service from VoIPsvc.net: nationwide and international phone calls to traditional phones at local rates and free calls within the VoIP network.

Supported Softphones

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X-Lite Softphone

X-Lite VoIP softphone

OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
CounterPath's X-Lite helps you seamlessly transition from a traditional phone environment into the world of Voice over IP. The latest release of X-Lite provides a completely redesigned interface that allows for a contact-centric or dialpad-centric user experience, or a combination of the two. It also provides you with some of the most popular features of fully loaded Bria and eyeBeam softphones so you can take them for a test drive before purchase. Having a simple voice conversation, you'll soon see why having a softphone on your computer is the ultimate communication experience.



YakaPhone VoIP Softphone

OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Yaka Software focuses on providing solutions based on established open source technologies within the Voice-Over-IP sphere. Their flagship products are the customizable IAX-based softphone.It is Open Source and may be modified but any pre or post modification commercial usage requires their prior authorization.


Zoiper Softphone

Zoiper VoIP Softphone

OS: Windows, MacOS
IAX & SIP multilanguage softphone is a VoIP soft client, meant to work with any IP-based communications systems and infrastructure. Zoiper is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and supports the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Magyar.


Zoiper Communicator

Zoiper Communicator VoIP Softphone

OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris
Zoiper Communicator IAX & SIP softphone is a converged Internet communication tool combining high-quality voice and video calls, fax, instant messaging and presence through a contact-centric intuitive interface.


NetDial Sip Phone

NetDial VoIP Softphone

OS: iOS, Android.


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