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Voice-over-IP service from VoIPsvc.net: nationwide and international phone calls to traditional phones at local rates and free calls within the VoIP network.


Voicemail Access Codes

You can access your voicemail with any device/ system connected directly with your account or subaccount to VoIPsvc.net using the codes below:

  • *97 (Asterisk 97) is used to access directly the Mailbox associated to the account you are dialing from.
  • *98 (Asterisk 98) is used to access your Voicemail and choose one of your Mailbox accounts. (Will prompt for Mailbox ID and Password)

If for any reason you do not have access to our VoIP network, you can check your Voicemail by just dialing your DID. Once the Voicemail system answer your call, press the asterisk key (*). You will be prompt for Mailbox ID and Password, once logged in to your Voicemail, press 0 (zero) for options. You can also record your greeting and temporary greeting from there.

Navigate the Voicemail Menu

Once you access your voicemail you're going to be prompted with the number of new and/or old messages you have in the mailbox. Here's the list of options you have with the voicemail system of VoIPsvc.net.

  • 1 - Play the first new or old message in your mailbox.
  • 2 - Change folders. This option allows you to change to another folder in order to hear the messages you have stored in that folder. The available folders are:
    • 0 - New Messages
    • 1 - Old Messages
    • 2 - Work
    • 3 - Family
    • 4 - Friends
    • # - Cancel
  • 0 - Voicemail options. In here, you can change your greetings and record your name and also you can change the password for your voicemail:
    • 1 - Unavailable message
    • 2 - Busy message
    • 3 - Name
    • 4 - Temporary message
    • 5 - Change Password
    • * - Return to the Main Menu
    • Note: The Unavailable and the Busy messages are not working with the voicemail system at the moment. You may use the Temporary message that overrides all other greetings.

The following options are available while listening to the messages. You may also use these options while listening to the main menu, and they will be applied to the first available message.

  • 3 - Advanced Options:
    • 1 - Sent a reply (currently not available)
    • 2 - Message Envelope (announces the date and time the message was received)
    • * - Return to the Main menu.
  • 4 - Play the previous message
  • 5 - Repeat the message
  • 6 - Play the next message
  • 7 - Delete the current message, without confirmation
  • 8 - Forward message to another user. Prompt for the internal extension number:
    • 1 - Propend the message with recording
    • 2 - Send the message without propending
    • * - Return to the Main Menu

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